Project & Program Management

Program Management

Program management differs from Project Management in the sense that it involves management of a variety of multiple projects, in one management layer. Infra Tech Engineering provides services in the areas of both program and project management. Typically, the scope of program management includes:

  • progmg1Design and manage program management organization, administrative and financial systems;
  • Design and implement program planning;
  • Design and implement bidding and procurements;
  • Design systems and install project management for each and every program component;
  • Install comprehensive program scheduling and controls;
  • Install and manage comprehensive Information Management System;
  • Install and manage comprehensive cost/budget controls;
  • Provide program reporting and reviews;
  • Provide oversight of contractual claims;

In recent years, Program Management has become an essential part of the scope of large projects, in particular, those financed by the Multilateral Development Banks (MDB’s). In fact, for the success of large undertakings, efficient program management is a necessary requisite.Multiple funding sources and the need to adhere to procurement, disbursements, and record keeping requirements of various MDB’s, necessitates a multi-disciplinary approach, at the program management level.

Infra Tech Engineering multidisciplinary services provide such a resource to our clients. Infra Tech Engineering staff includes experts who have led programs for a number of international projects financed by the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, UNDP and Bilateral Development Banks. Our staff members have managed programs ranging from $ 50 million to over $ 400 million.

Project Management

Our Project Management services can be customized to the size, complexity and project implementation structure desired by our client. We offer Project Management services which can be all encompassing starting from evaluation of design concepts/criteria and alternatives, value engineering, contractibility reviews, checks on accuracy of cost estimates, budget and schedules review, bid packages review, management of bidding and procurement to construction management and inspection or, we can design a package of our services, as needed by our clients. Our professional engineers and certified inspectors provide Construction Management and Inspection services to monitor and document quality compliance and work completion by contractors.