Traffic Engineering/ITS

Traffic Engineering constitutes the core specialty discipline of Infra Tech Associate’s professional practice. The firm offers services both in traditional and high tech areas of traffic engineering. During the past five years, Infra Tech Engineering has carried out over thirty projects that included the following type of work:

  • nysdot_region_8_atisTraffic Surveys
  • Highway Capacity Analysis
  • Transportation Planning/Modeling
  • Accident Analysis/Safety Studies
  • Incident/Congestion Management
  • Traffic Signal/Signage Design
  • Parking Studies and Design
  • Traffic Operations Analysis
  • Site Impacts And Operational Analyses
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems Deployment

Infra Tech Engineering professionals have worked extensively with the FHWA’s computerized Urban Traffic Control System and are well versed with the software such as Passer-II, HCS, TRANPLAN, CORFLO, TRANSYT 7F, AutoCAD, Intergraph Micro station, ArcInfo, etc.



  • INFORM System/ITS Integration & Expansion, Long Island, N.Y.
  • West Side Highway (Rte9A), Signalization, and Signage
  • N.Y.CityTraffic Monitoring System, NJ DOT
  • Interstate I-84 and State Route Interchange & Rte 9 Widening
  • Arterial Needs Studies, Staten Island, N.Y.
  • Sunrise Highway NYS Rte 27 Long Island:Traffic Signal Design.
  • State-wide Traffic Data Acquisition/Analysis, Maryland