Company Profile

Infra Tech Engineering, LLC was founded by Mr. S. David Ali, over 30 years ago. The company started as a small, Traffic and Transportation Engineering firm.

Known today as Infra Tech Engineering, LLC (ITE) we’ve grown dramatically, adding new services, new offices and an incredibly talented group of professionals that have expanded our capabilities into an entirely new and dynamic business segment.

Mr. Ali has over forty years of domestic and overseas experience in the planning, analysis, design and construction management of infrastructure/transportation projects.  As principal and chief executive of Infra Tech Engineering. Mr. Ali formulates the basic policy and guides the growth and direction of the firm.

His specific project experience includes management of several large-scale transportation, environmental, and civil engineering design projects. Some of his major assignments included preparation of environmental impact statements for interstate highway projects; transportation facilities (highways, transit, parking); project management of several urban traffic studies including signal system design; the development of a long-range solid waste management plan for a township of 200,000 inhabitants, design and preparation of construction contract documents for new highways as well as for street reconstruction projects; and construction management of highways, bridges and water supply and sewerage systems construction throughout the U.S. as well as overseas.

Mr. Ali takes personal interest and in every project undertaken by the firm. He is thoroughly familiar with the design criteria and legal requirements of local, state and federal government agencies. He is also experienced in working with local communities and private interest groups. This knowledge, coupled with his vast experience in public sector project implementation, enables the firm to complete all assignments on schedule and within budget.

We develop creative transportation solutions for our clients’ most pressing challenges with the goal of improving and strengthening the performance of the nation’s transportation systems. We combine our expert knowledge of transportation planning and traffic engineering to integrate solutions with community goals.