Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is comprised of databases of analysed geographic and non-geographic data organized inits own  “layer”.   A GIS is designed to accept geographic or other data from a variety of sources, including maps, satellite photographs, printed text, static or Global Positioning System (GPS) surveys, which is then used in many ways, such as for analysis and planning, engineering, impact assessments, modeling, etc.   We can obtain and incorporate information into our GIS databases, from  sources such as National Transportation Atlas Databases 1999, U.S. Geographical Survey, Federal and State DOT’s, county and municipal planning agencies, GPS surveys, and commercial vendors. Our GPS capability and GIS expertise ensures a seamless interface.

We can deliver a comprehensive GIS database to our clients for conti nued use after project completion and help clients set up GIS capability through application software. We have the ability to accept, convert and produce data in many file formats. Our  GIS capabilities include a broad functional array of GIS software:

  • gisArc/Info
  • Arc View
  • Intergraph MGE
  • AutoCAD Map
  • Land View III
  • Marplot